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Multiplace PD Network GangBang

The basic idea is to have networked performances taking place simultaneously in various cities taking part in Multiplace. Since PD's capabilities in transmitting or receiving video-streams are limited/none, we use a workaround: a uniform performance patch is created and distributed with video and audio sources across the participating places. The patch is done so, that everything can be connected through the network using netsend and netreceive. The various places take turns in controlling the patch, the control is spread through the network, and in every place the result is the same.

Network Architecture

As a central node helping in passing the various proxies, nats, gateways and firewalls in between the places, the server smecnet ( will be used. Each city sends out data to the port 30030 and receives data on the port assigned to the city.

Banska Bystrica: 30033
Brno: 30031
Praha: 30032
Bratislava: 30036
Kosice: ?
Vyhrazene pro patch: 30030

Smecnet's IP: (use IP, to prevent problems with DNS)

Patch Architecture

Every controllable element of the patch (numbers, messages, toggles, bangs, sliders) has to be connected to a netsend and to a netreceive.

Connection to a netsend:
 - Needs to send out data to the port 30030
 - There is ONLY ONE netsend for each place
 - To send various controlls across a single channel, use pack or prepend
 - When in send mode, DONT RECEIVE CONTROLS to prevent loops

Connection from a netreceive:
 - Each place receives data from the port assigned to the city
 - Use route to distinguish between various controls comming-in from a single channel
 - When in receive mode, DONT SEND OUT CONTROLS to prevent loops

How-to Setup

We use SSH Tunneling to pass through proxies, etc. ATM we use it only to receive data, but later-on everything will flow through the tunnels.

1. Connect the netsend

Piece-of-cake level: Connect to the IP and to the port 30030

[connect 30030( 

2. Open the SSH-Tunnel

Gay-metal level: Depends if you are using Linux or Windows.

  • Windows: Use Putty. Follow this link pd_putty_set-up
  • Linux: Type ssh -R30036: pduser@ to open the tunnel. Change 30036 to the port of your city.

3. Connect to the SSH-Tunnel

Im-so-geek level: The tunnel brought the ports from smecnet to our localhost (the machine you are using). So just:

[netreceive 30036]  -  this is the port of the city you are receiving.

This you have to do for each place taking part. Now everything should work.

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