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“genre of music where artists are often characterized by their heavy use of effects processing, synthesizers, looping, sampling, and heavily filtered vocals with simple melodic lines. The name refers to the influence of New Wave music sounds, with nostalgia for 80s synthpop filtered through a distorted lens, re-envisioning the era in a more lo-fi sense.”

“sounds like something playing in the background of an old VHS cassette that you found in your attic from the late ’80s/’90s.”

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hypnagogic pop

“Hypnagogic pop is pop music refracted through the memory of a memory. It draws its power from the 1980s pop culture into which many of the genre's players were born, and which is only now being factored into underground music as a spectral influence. Hypnagogic realms are the ones between waking and sleeping, liminal zones where mis-hearings and hallucinations feed into the formation of dreams.”

“… the headspace of the moment just before you go to sleep as a child, while somewhere in the distance the sounds of pop and disco come muffled through the wall and infiltrate your subconscious. In keeping with this idea of being haunted by pop, his back catalogue is populated by revenant 1980s forms freed from their historical context: slimers from Ghostbusters, straight-to-video surf movies, TV dinners, old episodes of Beverley Hills 90210.”

“Hypnagogic pop fetisises the outmoded media of its infancy, releasing albums on cassette, celebrating the video era and obsessing over the reality-scrambling potential of photocopied art. Many of the main players' recordings come with crude black and white Xeroxed artwork, paralleling the inchoate feel of the music while taking on the appearance of the smoky depths of a crystal ball. In Hypnagogic pop, tape hiss and background atmospherics are often amplified … thus highlighting the aspect of deliberately degraded or misheard pop. In keeping with its genesis, it often sounds like an echo, an after- image, with.the players using modern time-traveling tools - drone, improvisation, FX-saturated tape - in order to amplify its powers of future dreaming while rescuing it from the thrall of era-specific values.”

Childhood's send, David Keenan, Wire

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“Hauntology is a type of music, influenced by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and the vague sense of cold war dread present in public information films from the 1980s, along with an acknowledged debt in both sound and sleeve design from library music. The concept of what people in previous decades imagined the future would be like is a key element of the hauntology sound.”

“half-erased or never-quite-attained songform … apparational, ectoplasmic sound … makes me think of seances for some reason – eerie, sort of position normal from beyond the grave, no solid form whatsoever, just tenebrous emanations … “hauntology” is my early bid for a name, for the Derrida spectrality resonance, but there must be a snappier–or conversely, more phantasmal and amorphously flavorful one .. ”

o caretakerovej hudbe (theoretically pure anterograde amnesia)

“aural study of faded memories and ghostly traces of sound, translating into densely layered pieces that contain within them elements of long forgotten songs and childhood echoes. What's so striking about this box set is just how consistently incredible the pieces here really are, sustaining an almost hyperreal narcosis from beginning to end … An immense journey into the darkest edge of the psyche”

“I was trying to make a collection which was very hard to remember, an audio fog in many ways. Trying to grasp a memory but failing each time.”

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