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 ==== Uvod do Neuronovych Sieti ==== ==== Uvod do Neuronovych Sieti ====
-[[http://​​~farkas/​Courses/​NeuralNets/​ns-otazky.pdf|Zadanie otazok]] +  * [[http://​​~farkas/​Courses/​NeuralNets/​ns-otazky.pdf|Zadanie otazok]] 
-[[http://​​~farkas/​Courses/​ns.html|Farkasova Stranka]]+  ​* ​[[http://​​~farkas/​Courses/​ns.html|Farkasova Stranka]] 
 +  * [[http://​​faqs/​ai-faq/​neural-nets/​part1/​preamble.html|Sarlov Neural Nets FAQ na USENETe]] 
 +nedopracovane otazky su dosledok znizovania casoveho okna a zvysovania unavy.. nic moc overall.
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